Friday Fish Fry

Pan Cooked Walleye Pike  $12.00

    This lightly seasoned and floured walleye pike is delicately sauteed, and served with our own tartar sauce.

Shrimp Dinner  $9.75

    Over half a pound of lightly breaded shrimp fried golden brown and served with our own cocktail sauce.

Our Classic Cod Fish Fry  $9.75

    Wisconsin’s classic fish fry.  You get 8oz. of our north Atlantic cod served with our special recipe tartar sauce.

Breaded Lake Perch  $12.00

    Northern recipe hand-breaded lake perch, served with our own tartar sauce. A great fish for perch lovers.

1/2 Order of Cod  $8.00

    Half the amount of hand breaded cod (for a smaller appetite), but all of the same sides and great flavor.

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